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Thanks to innovative technology arising from the WEC, using a new tread combined with a latest-generation casing, the Pilot Sport GT P2L improves performance on drying tracks compared to its predecessor, the P2G, while retaining a high potential with high water levels. The new MICHELIN Pilot Sport GT P2L rain tyre range aims to offer drivers ever more control and driving safety thanks to improved performance that remains constant throughout a race.

The architectural similarities between the Pilot Sport GT L range and the new Pilot Sport GT P2L limit setting adjustments on the car when changing from dry to wet. These adjustments apply even in the qualification phase without compromising tyre performance and lifespan.

5/5 Tamaños disponibles
Dimensiones dos neumáticos Tipo Dureza Datos técnicos
llanta recomendada ('') Ancho da banda de rodiamento (MM) Ancho del neumático (MM) Diámetro inflado (MM) Circunferencia de rodiamento (MM)
30/68-18 P2L Rain 12.5 311 329 684 2150
25/64-18 P2L Rain 10 231 269 647 2031
27/65-18 P2L Rain 11 260 299 652 2048
27/68-18 P2L Rain 11 255 295 684 2147
31/71-18 P2L Rain 13 313 347 711 2232
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